Fair Housing Advocates and its experts work very well with any attorney, whether they are defending a property, or representing a consumer alleging housing discrimination. We have hundreds of complaints under our belts- this is a must have for any lawyer.

Attorney Representation- Fair Housing Litigation

FHA’s expertise in the fair housing complaint process can prove to be invaluable to an attorney representing a consumer seeking to file a discrimination complain:

The Fair Housing Complaint Process

FHA has successfully filed, negotiated, and settled hundreds of fair housing complaints across the United States.  HUD’s discrimination complaint process is a federal administrative process very different from the civil procedure attorneys recognize.  FHA knows how to properly write, evidence and file a discrimination complaint so HUD accepts the case for their investigation.  More importantly, FHA understands HUD’s internal review process so that a complaint can survive HUD’s investigation process to a successful settlement.

Evidencing Discrimination for Your Client through ‘Testing’

Have problems uncovering direct evidence which would support your client’s allegations of discrimination? If your client is alleging credible housing discrimination but lacks the evidence to support a strong complaint, FHA can investigate the claims by testing the property’s staff.  FHA has a team of testers which can pose as bona fide home seekers to interact with the property staff.  If FHA can verify housing discrimination, the evidence gathered can be used to support the complainant’s fair housing complaint.

If you are an attorney looking for an expert resource to guide you through HUD’s entire fair housing complaint process, or need to verify that housing discrimination is taking place, please reach FHA at info@fairhousingact.org

Property Defense

Since FHA has filed and negotiated hundreds of cases against properties on behalf of consumers, it makes sense that we understand the strengths and weaknesses a property might have in their housing process which really shows itself during a fair housing complaint process.

Don’t worry. Our strength was recognizing those shortcomings when filing against properties, we can surely identify the weaknesses of a complaint filed against your client’s property as well.

Our expertise in this process is as follows:

  1. Analysis of the allegation filed
  2. Analysis of direct and circumstantial evidence
  3. Drafting of respondent response and/or rebuttal to the complaint
  4. HUD interviews
  5. Negotiations

We can assist the legal representative defending a housing provider involved in a discrimination complaint or provide advice to counsel seeking to resolve a potential fair housing issue before it escalates.