Come to the Palm Beach Board of Realtors Training Seminar on July 31st @10:00 am.  Fair housing training commonly provided by conventional sources is either overly generic, or leaves you with outdated or even misinformation- all of which can actually cause harm to your business, and your clients. Do you rely upon apartment associations, Google, and attorneys with little fair housing investigation experience to give you practical guidance? This presentation will be

2018 Scheduled Training Webinar Menu Fair Housing Property Pro Clients Only April/May: Fake Emotional Support Animals & Unreasonable Accommodation Requests June: Overt Property Discrimination: To Make, Print, or Publish a Discriminatory Statement July: Familial Status Discrimination: Rules Affecting Children August: Race Discrimination & Criminal Background Checks also available by appointment. Basic Training Our “Basic Overview of the Fair Housing Act: Housing Discrimination” webinar is typically completed within the first month

Fair Housing Testing: An FHA Flagship Fair Housing Service Designed for Landlords, and Property Managers of HOAs Want to know if your apartment, condominium association, HOA or mobile home park could survive testing from a true fair housing organization? FHA knows how to conduct testing which rigidly follows testing standards provided by HUD for fair housing organizations. Such testing is required for FHA as part of an investigation prior to

ESA Letter Review Service: An FHA Flagship Fair Housing Service designed by Our Experts for Landlords, Property Managers, and Homeowners Associations HOAs Landlords and property managers are seeing an increase in the number of disabled residents and applicants requesting an accommodation in their apartment’s pet rules so they can live with their therapy dog, ESA dog or service dog on the property. What does a fake ESA

Do NOT Commit These Costly Fair Housing Violations: Urgent Webinar for Landlords & Association Property Managers Historically speaking, Fair Housing Advocates, Inc. is a civil rights fair housing organization which has aggressively defended persons from housing discrimination taking place at large rental properties and HOAs across the country. We have successfully filed several Hundred fair housing complaints against landlords, apartment complexes, mobile home parks, condominium and homeowners’ associations with incredible

Free Fair Housing Education Webinar for Property Managers, Community Managers, Apartment Landlords, Apartment Associations, Condominium Associations, and HOAs, Wednesday January 31, 2018 9:00AM through 11:00am MST – (Mountain Standard Time; 9am – 11pm MST, etc.) • Reasonable Accommodations • ESAs vs. Service Animals • Disability Discrimination- disabled military veterans, PTSD, TBI, anxiety related mental illness etc. • Banned Breed rules: pit bulls, Rottweilers,

The Fair Housing Bill of Rightsfor Assistance Animals Fair Housing Advocates authored the below Bill of Rights which any disabled person requiring an assistance animal can rely upon as a steadfast reference of their housing rights under the FHAct. An animal which is medically necessary to address the symptom or effects of a physical or mental handicap is called an *Assistance Animal. NOTE: In 2013, the U.S. Department of

Webinar Description:Fair Housing Advocates, Inc., a national 501(c)(3) fair housing organization will be hosting a no-cost fair housing training & education session live, via online webinar. You will need a computer internet connection and access to a phone- both will be required for credit and attendance purposes. The webinar will provide a basic overview of the Fair Housing Act with a much deeper dive into Disability discrimination, especially as it

Since we have been rather dormant lately, at least in blogging, we decided to layout most types of housing discrimination we see affecting the disabled in an easy to see format. This time, we’ve added violations which specifically involve the mental health professional, the ESA Letter, and some swimming pool rules which affect those whom suffer from incontinence. Disability Discrimination Our organization has noticed a sharp increase in housing discrimination

Fair Housing Advocates, Inc. is hosting a free educational webinar for any disabled person who requires an Emotional Support Animal or a Service Animal to enjoy the benefits of fair housing. Learn what is needed to guarantee housing for your Emotional Support Animal or Service Animal, regardless of your disability, income,or where your live! This includes Colleges, Universities and Public Housing Authorities WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Any disabled person,