Want to file a fair housing complaint because you believe your property, landlord, or homeowners association subjected you to housing discrimination because of your Race, Color, National Origin, Sex (Gender), Disability, or Familial Status (presence of children)?

FHA is a national nonprofit fair housing organization committed to providing fair housing related services to anyone involved in the housing process.

At no charge to any person who believes they are the victim of housing discrimination, FHA can provide the following services:

Fair Housing Complaint Services

FHA can write, evidence, and file a fair housing complaint with the United States Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) for you at no cost if you qualify.  FHA will also assist you during the HUD interview process as well as assist in negotiating a settlement on your behalf.

We have seen a huge increase of discrimination claims relating to emotional support animals and service animals.  If you believe you are disabled and suffer from a handicap or disability which requires you to have an assistance animal for you to enjoy the benefits of fair housing, please be sure you have the following available for our review:

  1. A letter from a reliable source: a doctor, therapist, clinician, psychologist, LCSW, or from a credible person who would be in a position to know and verify your disability if called upon by an investigator.
  2. We prefer you have some proof you requested an accommodation via email, or proof in a letter from your property that you were denied a request
  3. The denial, or most recent discriminatory act, must have occurred within the past 12 months.
  4. A copy of any Rules & Regulations from the property always helps!


FHA can provide you with professional guidance if you believe you are being subjected to, or about to be subjected to, housing discrimination on the basis of your protected class..

Referral Services

If you need help locating a professional in the legal services or psychological services industry, FHA has an existing network in place.  FHA can work with your existing professional to coach them through the fair housing complaint process.

Educational Services

FHA can host or sponsor fair housing educational webinars or seminars to help communities better understand their fair housing rights protected under the Fair Housing Act.