Fair Housing Testing: An FHA Flagship Fair Housing Service Designed for Landlords, and Property Managers of HOAs

Want to know if your apartment, condominium association, HOA or mobile home park could survive testing from a true fair housing organization?

FHA knows how to conduct testing which rigidly follows testing standards provided by HUD for fair housing organizations. Such testing is required for FHA as part of an investigation prior to writing, evidencing, and filing a fair housing complaint on behalf of a consumer.

We successfully filed hundreds of fair housing complaints against properties like yours supported by our testing.

FHA will conduct such testing as an educational tool, not an enforcement tool, to uncover any fair housing soft spots or potential violations. Our findings will provide important feedback and better shape a fair housing compliant process for the property association.

Real world testing of your staff is critical to understanding how Fair Housing training and education is actually being implemented where it counts.

This testing could save your property from expensive litigation costs, or from paying a large discrimination settlement.

A tester report outlining any compliance concerns or violations can be provided at the conclusion of the testing investigation.

How Do We Test Your Property?:

a) Telephonic Testing: FHA will make contact with the property to engage the staff as a person seeking to rent an apartment and challenge the staff with a fair housing scenario- the test. Telephonic testing could include text messages exchanged with the association staff. An audio recording of the test call can be provided along with the tester’s report.

b) Email Testing: FHA will make contact with the association to engage the staff as a person seeking housing and challenge the association staff with a fair housing scenario- the test. The test would involve email interactions with the association staff- this may include the submission of completed forms, and documents.

c) Website Initiated Testing: Some associations have online forms on their websites. FHA will engage the association as a person seeking housing and challenge the association staff with a fair housing scenario- the test. The test will be initiated via the online form but may continue via telephone or email.

Types of Testing:

a) Service Skills: FHA would engage in a dialogue to measure both Fair Housing knowledge, as well as the staff member’s customer service skills, and ability to engage in the “interactive dialogue process,” a key component to the reasonable accommodation review process.

b) Disability Testing: Most disability testing would not require a comparative since most discrimination is by treatment, or direct application of a discriminatory rule

  • Reasonable Accommodation request: Parking spot requests, ESA accommodations
  • Reasonable Modification request

c) Familial Status Testing: Most Familial Status testing would not require a comparative since most discrimination is by treatment, or direct application of a discriminatory rule. Rules restricting or prohibiting children become the focus of this test, especially swimming pool, club house, and fitness center rules.

d) Protected Class Comparative Testing: Race, Color, National Origin, Religion, and Sex/Gender. FHA can design tests using the available methods listed above to uncover discriminatory treatment on the basis of a protected class by implementing comparative testing methodology.

e) Staff Member Specific Testing: FHA can work with the landlord or property manager to identify a particular member of their staff as the target of a fair housing test.

f) Role Specific Testing: FHA can also customize testing methodologies to measure the fair housing aptitude of:

  • Property leasing agents
  • Property managers
  • P/T & F/T staff members accepting in-bound phone calls regarding housing availability
  • RE Agents and those ‘outside’ of the property staff

How Can FHA Begin to Conduct Testing upon My Property?

Follow these steps and our process to get started:

  1. Send us an email request to info@fairhousingact.org
  2. Subject of the Email should be: Fair Housing Testing: Name of Property, City, State
  3. Please provide full name, address and phone number of property.
  4. Please recommend the kind of testing you would like; if you have questions about that, please request help.
  5. FHA will send you an “Authorization to Conduct Testing” form to complete
  6. Return signed “Authorization to Conduct Testing” form to FHA via email, or fax 1-800-985-1050
  7. FHA will send a Payment link to you via email

*This service is also included as part of our Fair Housing Property Pro service.

Contact FHA at info@fairhousingact.org or 877.838.9963 to make arrangements.

Who is Fair Housing Advocates?

Historically speaking, Fair Housing Advocates, Inc. is a civil rights fair housing organization which has aggressively defended persons from housing discrimination taking place at large rental properties and HOAs across the country.

We have successfully filed hundreds of housing complaints against landlords, apartment complexes, mobile home parks, condominium and homeowners’ associations with incredible success. Properties just like yours.

Along the way we’ve become experts in the fair housing process- from investigation through settlement.

In 2018, we’re putting all that knowledge and expertise to work for large property owners & managers. We’ve designed a cost-effective program for you that will educate & train staff, mitigate risk, and ultimately protect your business long before these issues become a huge financial problem.