Our brand of fair housing property training is not academic, we are seasoned fair housing experts offering our insiders’ playbook from the hundreds of complaints we have filed against properties like yours!

Our training curriculum is based upon our direct experience with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), its investigators, and the hundreds of fair housing complaints FHA has filed against properties across the United States.

In fact, we still file new cases on behalf of consumers which continue to provide FHA with the most relevant intel from HUD about their policies and their current interpretation of their discrimination guidelines.

Fair Housing Property Training Modules

As a result, FHA’s training modules are designed to provide housing providers with guidance they can immediately apply to their day-to-day activities on the property to reduce discrimination, and reduce the risk of litigation.

FHA has designed our property training with two simple goals in mind:

  1. Eliminate housing discrimination
  2. Eliminate the risk of costly fair housing litigation

Most of our training is conducted via online webinar, and many webinars are hosted live with Q&A opportunities.

Our training can be designed to specifically address the issues associated with:

  1. Homeowners Association HOA
  2. Condominium Association
  3. Residential Property Management
  4. Multi-Family Properties (Apartments)
  5. Mobile Home Parks

FHA includes monthly fair housing property training as part of its Fair Housing Property Pro and Training Pro platforms- both of which are designed to reduce the risk of litigation through training, consulting, and other fair housing related services.

In 2017 and 2018 FHA has seen a huge surge in disability discrimination complaints relating to Emotional Support Animals and Service Dogs.  FHA knows this is a very confusing area of fair housing which also seems to provide the consumer with an opportunity to be less than honest.  In response, we provide training addressing the following:

  1. What is a real vs. fake assistance animal?
  2. What does a fake ‘ESA Letter’ look like? (and its elements)
  3. What questions can you ask a disabled person?
  4. What documents can be required of a disabled person?
  5. Can someone have two ESAs?
  6. FHAct vs. ADA
  7. How can an assistance animal be removed from the property?
  8. How can you properly Deny an accommodation request?
  9. Which property rules and forms are discriminatory?
  10. Are disabled Visitors permitted access to a no-pet property?

FHA hosts free fair housing property education webinars every month- this is scaled down training for the public.  If you’d like to attend please request an invite via email to info@fairhousingact.org.

If you are interested in learning how to identify fake emotional support animals and service animals for your property, please see our Emotional Support Animal Letter Review service.

FHA hosts in-depth comprehensive training only to our clients as part of the Training Pro or Property Pro programs.  Please reach Patrick Coleman directly at patrick@fairhousingact.org to learn more about our property-centric platforms.