We Are Housing Discrimination Complaint Experts

We are fair housing discrimination complaint experts who’ve ‘been there’ literally hundreds of times before.

FHA’s insiders have filed several hundred fair housing complaints against properties like yours for violating the Fair Housing Act- every discrimination complaint was accepted for investigation by HUD or a participating FHAP agency.

With near-perfect success, our fair housing complaint strategy has yielded a settlement agreement for our consumer clients resulting in millions of dollars in damages and additional costs for the properties to absorb.  All of which could have been avoided.

As a result of our experience defending consumers’ housing rights, we have become experts in the fair housing complaint process.  We understand the complete fair housing investigation cycle from complaint inception, submission through investigation, negotiations, and ultimately settlement.  Some complaints have even lead to an official charge issued by HUD against the housing provider.

We know exactly how a property would make simple yet costly mistakes, and know how to prepare properties like yours so those mistakes never happen.

Fair Housing Act

Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968

The act makes it unlawful to refuse to sell, rent to, or negotiate with any person because of that person’s inclusion in a protected class.

What Can Fair Housing Advocates Do for My Property?

In 2018, FHA is putting all that knowledge and expertise to work for housing providers: property management companies, HOAs, apartment complexes, condominiums, mobile home parks, and residential property managers.

We’ve designed some cost-effective programs to train staff, mitigate risk, and ultimately help protect their businesses long before any fair housing issues become a huge financial problem: Fair Housing Training Pro, and Fair Housing Property Pro.

We provide the staff real-time access to our team while we work behind-the-scenes to identify, mitigate, and even eliminate high risk fair housing-related problems.

Our FHA experts know how to work with a housing provider’s legal team to formulate defense strategies during any fair housing disputes.


Why Do You Need Fair Housing Advocates?

Because we know the fair housing complaint process better than anyone available on the market today.

We have successfully filed hundreds of fair housing complaints against housing providers just like you, across the country, compelling settlements resulting in millions of dollars of damages.

Because of our experience, we know the complete fair housing complaint process better than any organization offering conventional real estate management services.

We know exactly how your day-to-day operations are vulnerable to discrimination claims, and know the type of training and support you need to avoid today’s most likely threats.