Come to the Palm Beach Board of Realtors Training Seminar on July 31st @10:00 am. 

Fair housing training commonly provided by conventional sources is either overly generic, or leaves you with outdated or even misinformation- all of which can actually cause harm to your business, and your clients.

Do you rely upon apartment associations, Google, and attorneys with little fair housing investigation experience to give you practical guidance? This presentation will be anything but generic.

Training by Fair Housing Complaint Experts

As an expert in the Fair Housing Complaint process, I have successfully filed several hundred fair housing complaints on behalf of consumers against properties and RE professionals across the country resulting in millions of dollars in damages.

A majority of these discrimination claims were filed because the property manager, or some other RE professional, accidentally violated the fair housing act during a reasonable accommodation request involving an Emotional Support Animal or Service Animal.

As a Floridian myself I am very aware most HOAs, condo associations, and property owners have rules either prohibiting pets, or restricting dogs based upon their size, weight, or breed.  Sometimes these rules are misapplied to an assistance animal leading to a fair housing investigation.

So how does a Real Estate Professional build a nondiscriminatory business with these communities while avoid getting involved in any fair housing dispute? It’s not easy.

Our No-Cost Seminar

Come to the Palm Beach Board of Realtors Training Seminar on July 31st @10:00 am.  There is no cost to PBBOR Full Board Members.  There will be a small charge to MLS only members.  I will be hosting the seminar and will be diving into the following important issues:

  1. What is a real Emotional Support Animal?
  2. Who is really disabled, per the FHAct?
  3. Can ESAs be vetted differently than service animals in housing?
  4. What questions can I ask a disabled person requesting an assistance animal accommodation?
  5. What documentation can I request from a disabled person?
  6. How can I, as an RE Professional, avoid a discrimination complaint?
  7. Who is exempt from the FHAct?
  8. Which are the most dangerous violations to avoid?

I expect the presentation to last about an hour, but I have set aside an additional 45 minutes for a Q&A session immediately thereafter.

If you are looking for real world guidance based upon FHA’s daily interaction with the US Department of HUD, then you must attend this seminar.

If you have any challenging questions, please feel free to send them to me via email so I can answer them directly, or incorporate them into my presentation.

Property Managers & Property Owners

If you are a Landlord, Property Manager or any other kind of housing provider, you will want to attend this seminar.  The presentation is built to help properties and RE professionals understand and avoid the type of housing discrimination which could be costly to your business.

FHA has crafted training & consulting packages specifically for property managers to learn how to protect their business from housing discrimination claims.  For example, we can identify fake emotional support animals and service animals through a comprehensive review of their doctor’s letter- see our ESA Letter Review service.