Fair Housing Property Pro: For Rental Communities




Fair Housing Property Pro: For Rental Communities

This package is designed to best address fair housing issues faced by a rental community run by a landlord or
managed by a property management company:

 Receiving rental applications on a monthly basis
 With monthly resident turnover
 With annual staff turnover

Property may include amenities such as a swimming pool, fitness center, and assigned parking.
I. Fair Housing Onboarding:
1. Rules, Regulations, and Policies Review
2. Applicant and Resident Forms Review
3. Reasonable Accommodations & Modifications Process Review
4. Posted Rules Review
II. Core Services Package:
1. Specialized Fair Housing Training
2. Fair Housing Property Testing
3. ESA Letter Analysis
4. Real-Time Fair Housing Consultation
5. Online Footprint Review
6. New Hire Staff Education Webinar
7. Weekly Fair Housing Q&A Call

Fair Housing Property Pro: For Rental Communities
I. Fair Housing Onboarding
This first step is necessary for FHA to uncover any fair housing related issues in the property’s documents, or
in their policies and procedures. Once FHA has identified the property’s weaknesses, we can then suggest the
customized training, and design deliverables to have the greatest positive impact.
FHA approaches this Onboarding review process from the perspective of an experienced Fair Housing
Advocate- “Would the property’s written rules, regulations, and policies provide an advocate enough reason
to investigate the property, test the property, and file a fair housing complaint for a consumer alleging housing
Suggested revisions to any such rules, regulations, policies or procedures could be provided, and approved by
FHA’s own in-house legal counsel.
1. Rules, Regulations, and Policies Review:
FHA will intake electronic copies of the association’s Rules & Regulations to identify any potentially
discriminatory rules. The following documents are most relevant during the intake process:

I. Pool & Clubhouse Rules
II. Pool Use Agreement
III. Community Rules & Regulations
IV. Community Bylaws & Covenants
V. Pet & Companion Animal Policy
VI. Tenant Policy
VII. New Resident Information
2. Applicant & Resident Forms Review
FHA will review any forms the association might require their applicants and residents to complete
during the housing application process- this may include forms which would grant use of the amenities,
common areas, as well as pet registration.
I. Tenant Application
II. Tenant Authorization Form
III. Pet Agreement
IV. Pet Addendum
V. Club House Reservation/Rental

3. Reasonable Accommodations & Modifications Process Review:
The purpose of this service is to review and critique an already existing accommodation or modification
review process flow. ‘Process flow’ could include documents but should really show how the staff and
residents interact together during the interactive dialogue process to make appropriate fair housing

related decisions. Documents would more likely be reviewed during the “Applicant & Resident Forms
FHA can evaluate your existing written Reasonable Accommodations, and Reasonable Modifications
review process if one is already in place. The evaluation will identify any concerns or violations already
part of your process, and provide constructive feedback to mitigate, or eliminate the risk.
Once an acceptable review process is in place, your association would be eligible to participate in our
“ESA Letter” analysis service.
If your association does not have a formal accommodation or modification review process in place,
FHA can develop one as a separate deliverable.
Documents reviewed could include:

i. Request for Reasonable Modification/Accommodation Verification Form
ii. Authorization for Release of Information
iii. Reasonable Accommodation Agreement

FHA recommends any suggested changes in policy be reviewed and approved by the property’s legal
4. Posted Rules Review
Many allegations of housing discrimination start with rules posted upon a placard at the community’s
amenities and common areas. In some cases, the posted rules can differ from those printed in the
official Rules & Regulations manual for the community causing confusion within the community’s staff
and with the residents.
FHA would review any posted rules to uncover any unnecessary risk, and to promote message
uniformity between the posted rules, and the published rules-in-fact. FHA would be interested in
receiving pictures of any of the following:
i. Picture of posted Pool Rules
ii. Picture of posted Fitness Center rules
iii. Picture of Club House Rules